Great Marshal of the Year

Get ready to mark your calendars for the upcoming 34th Mega Gala of the Desfile Dominicano de NJ, Inc.! This year, the spotlight shines on Consulate General Angel Pichardo, our esteemed “Great Marshal of the Year.” Join us on Thursday, September 7th, as we celebrate his remarkable contributions to our community.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Consul Pichardo’s journey has been one of dedication and service. His commitment to fostering connections between the Dominican Republic and its diaspora has earned him admiration on both sides of the border. With an impressive career trajectory, Consul Pichardo previously served as Deputy Consul at the Dominican Consulate in New York. His diligent work and commitment have garnered respect from colleagues and community members alike.

Strengthening Bonds

Consul Pichardo’s dedication extends to building bridges between our homeland and the diaspora in New Jersey. His efforts have not only bolstered diplomatic ties but also facilitated educational and cultural exchange, enriching our community. Support for Desfile Dominicano de NJ, Inc. Consul Pichardo’s support for our parade has been invaluable. His leadership ensures the safety and success of our annual event, demonstrating his commitment to the Dominican community.

Save the Date

Join us on September 7th for a night of celebration, cultural immersion, and honor. This gala is our chance to acknowledge Consul Angel Pichardo’s outstanding service and dedication. Consulate General Angel Pichardo’s journey from the Dominican Republic to New Jersey is a testament to his commitment to community and culture. As we anticipate the 34th Mega Gala, let’s come together to celebrate a true Dominican leader. Don’t miss this opportunity to pay homage to Consul Pichardo’s contributions on September 7th!

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